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                           Lab Test Results
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Viewing and Interpreting Test Results in a Graph

The graphical display provides a quick snap shot of your milk test results and is useful for displaying test result trends.  For detailed test results, we recommend viewing results by selecting the "Create Spreadsheet" option. Test results are posted by 9PM EST/EDT each evening and are available for viewing for up to the past 13 months.

Please note the following info below if test results are not plotted on the graph after you have made your selections:

Viewing and Interpreting Test Results in the Spreadsheet

Generating an excel spreadsheet provides the most complete information regarding your test results. After selecting the desired date range, click on the “Create Spreadsheet” button and an excel spreadsheet will open. Fat, protein, solids non-fat (SNF), lactose and total solids are expressed as %. Milk urea nitrogen (MUN) is expressed in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) and somatic cell counts (SCC) are expressed as somatic cells/ml x 1,000. Additionally, in the far right column (column K), normal test results are identified as “Valid” and potential outliers are identified as “InValid”.

What is a “Possible Outlier”

An outlier test is defined as a test result for a producer’s bulk tank milk sample that is substantially different than typical tests for the producer during the pay period and for which the cause of the difference(s) cannot be determined.  A producer’s typical test is established by the previous pay period’s pay test average. For new producer’s, the first legitimate test of the pay period establishes the typical test.

An outlier test is a FAT TEST that exceeds 0.50 percentage units compared to the preceding test (or previous pay period pay test) for the producer. Samples that meet this criterion are identified as potential outliers (plotted in red on the graph and noted as “InValid” within the spreadsheet).  At the conclusion of the pay period, possible outliers are carefully evaluated to determine whether or not they should be included as a valid test result.  Confirmed outlier test results are NOT to be used for payment purposes.